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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  December 5, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. the young and the restless as president obama makes a pitch for the future to future leaders. a new survey shows serious skepticism and cynicism among millennials. protests across the country calling for an increase in minimum wage. the focus is fast food restaurants. can any change happen quickly? elizabeth warren said no thanks to 2016. new police reports put rob ford in the hot seat again and dennis rodman is headed to north korea.
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good morning from washington. it's thursday, december 5th, 2015. i'm luke russert for chuck todd. chuck is on the way back from a focus group in ohio. you don't want to miss "the daily rundown." it's a political junkie's dream. there may be an early christmas present taking shape on capitol hill. a budget agreement may be done within the week. negotiators are said to be optimistic about their chances. there lots of moving parts. here's what we are hearing about what's taking shape. it would well most likely be a two-year deal covering 2014 and 2015 and would fund the government as well as relieve the sequester cuts. it looks like the budget number is 990 billion, give or take. that's higher than the budget set by the sequester and lower than the 1.50 trillion act in
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2011. they have to come up with billions to make it neutral. the way they do that is being discussed. that's what negotiations are about. some include assets and raising fees and not taxes. in addition, negotiators want to relieve cuts in military problems by finding savings elsewhere. the deal could be announced as early as this week or early next week. keep in mind they are not back until monday and congress leaves for the holidays next friday. that of loose a few days to get a deal through both houses. so far both sides are noncommittal about the chances that it gets done. the speaker said that the speaker knows ryan is committed to finding common ground and hopes democrats will work to find a smarter way to cut washington spending. on wednesday, congressman jim clyburn and a member of the budget conference said that nothing is set in stone. >> that's the problem we get
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with these things. you agree to something and you look around and the goal post gets moved. we on a democratic side are not going to agree to anything. until everything is agreed to. >> joining me now, the chair and new york congressman israel. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me on, luke. >> off the bat, you are very much in the weeds with the democratic leadership and the budget process. how are the prospects for a budget in two years guaranteed to americans. we won't have the same threat we faced in october. how is it looking? >> right now we don't have a lot of details. we are in the weeds. we need to see beyond the weeds and see what the field looks like. right now negotiations are ongoing. democrats will do our part to find that common ground. that common ground needs to include several things.
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smart deficit reduction and investments in education. we have to cut spending and it has to be fair to the middle class. if the position will be to turn off sequester which we must do, we will ask to pay to turn off sequester. that's not going to suit the democrats in congress. we will continue to negotiate and hope that we get to a good fair common ground that is good and fair of the middle class. >> when you say the middle class, what are you referencing to that they have to pay for? >> one of the things is a surcharge on airline tickets. in the context of an overall budget if we have to look at that, we should. to do that and ask middle class people who are traveling to visit with their families. this has to do better than that.
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>> one question i want to ask you about, when you are not on capitol hill, you moonlight to get democrats elect and get the 17 seats needed to reclaim the majority. a person who has gone out of his way to help you is the president of the united states. they say that the president has not turned down a single fund raiser. he is doing whatever he is asking to do. the same with the vice president. one issue that came cross with president obama is since the health care roll out is bungled, there is this issue of trust. a new cnn poll when asked if you trust the president, 46% agreed and 53% disagreed. how much of a drag will president obama be on your prospects to reclaim the house and do you want him front and center on stage with candidates in swing districts? >> i don't think he is going to be a drag at all and honestly, we want the focus to focus on the affordable care act and when it works well and works better, our prospects are enhanced and
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the president's in that is a very strong one. it helps us. you have got two philosophies here. the democratic philosophy that recognizes that the roll out was a disaster. we have to be focussed on getting it right and most americans in the battle ground districts agree. they would rather get it right than repeal it. you have the republican philosophy that is obsessed with ambushing and sabotaging and repealing it. they are talking about going back to the days where a woman with breast cancer is told by her insurance company we know you have cancer and we can't afford to pay for that. we don't want to go back to those broken days. >> one interesting thing that came up is this whole problem with when you guys said a few years ago, if you like your plan, you can keep it. they have been accustomed to and i want to show a map.
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there a lot of states that said we are not going to implement this fix. states with swing districts like colorado and virginia on the map. the areas of new york where you hope to pick up territory. do you think the health care law can once again be a hindrance to you guys? where the exchange will not be updated and the fix will not go through. people will lose the plans they were accustomed to? >> it's critically important for insurance commissioners in the states to make the improvements. i hope they do make the improvements. we have given them the authority to do so and hope they will take us up on that. as long as democrats continue to find ways to fix and improve the affordable care act and republicans remain obsessed with repealing the affordable care act and going back to the days of a broken system where people were bankrupt because they were sick, as long as republicans continue to say that we should at $1200 in cost to seniors
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because that's what a repeal would cost and we are going to remove preventive health care and remove protects for presifting conditions, as long as they cling to that, we will number good shape. we want to fix it and improve it. they want to repeal and end it. most americans want to fix and improve it. >> steve israel joining us from the hill, we appreciate your time. take care. >> moving on to today's first read with the house scheduled to leave for vacation at the end of next week, the 113th congress is shaping up to be the least productive in modern history. congress passed just 56 laws. capitol hill may not be good. >> the 113th hasn't passed the bills every congress does like a highway or defense bill or farm bill or a budget. what do we need a budget for. not for highways, defense or food. >> in september congress approved a grant for the minute
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men missile national historic site in south dakota to include additional parking space. the 113th united states congress. bad at creating jobs. good at creating parking spaces at strange historical monuments in the middle of nowhere. >> heat from the late night comics. capitol hill may not be good at legislation, but lawmakers are good at passing the buck. they point the finger at the democratic-controlled senate. >> to date the house passed nearly 150 bills. this congress that the united states senate has failed to act on. the senate, the president, and i continue to stand in the way of the people's priorities. >> democrats led by the president blame house republicans for the reluctance to compromise. >> let me end by addressing the elephant in the room. the seeming inability to get
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anything done in washington these days. if you still don't like obama care and you know you don't, even though it is built on market-based ideas of choice and competition, you owe it to the american people to tell us what you are for. not just what you are against. >> nbc news senior editor mark murray is here with today's first read. mark, you went back and dug through the records and you went through how many bills were able to go through congress and especially when there was divided government and you found interesting stuff. this is historically awful. >> we are living in unprecedented times and you go back to the other times in which ronald reagan was in the white house and he had a republican senate and house democrats led by tip o'neill. they produce bills and laws in the 400s and 500s and 600s and when newt gingrich was battling with bill clinton, that was in
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the 300s. right now in the 113th congress, we have a year to go and they finished 56 pieces of legislation that has become law. the 112th congress was then a low of 283. we are living in unprecedented times. you have a blame game of who is responsible for this. the numbers speak for themselves. >> what's interesting is the lines of attack, this idea that the senate has been slow. we sent all these bills to the senate. the ways of parliamentary procedure, the senate was built to be slow. that is the reason as to why. there is a filibuster here. they can't pass as quickly as the house can. when that goes out to the american people, it's not that it hurts one party more than the other, but it's a house from all incumbent. >> that's one of the big arguments. people say washington is broken. whether you are republican or
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democrat, it's not working at all the way it should be. the numbers do speak for themselves. when john boehner said it acted on the 150 pieces of legislation. if those became laws, according to the research we have done would pale in comparison to what was created during the reagan years. that is the really striking thing. even if you added the 150 bills that have been passed, we are not getting close to the productivity in the reagan year when is democrats held it. >> there substantial things hanging out there, the senate passed immigration reform and the nondiscrimination act. they said we passed the keystone pipeline and i cyber security bill. there these large things that are out there that had been passed through one chamber or the other, but they seem to get bogged down with immigration and end up not wanting to go forward
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on that and they don't want to touch the keystone pipeline. is this a lack of leadership or is this constant 24-7 campaign we are always in that is a by product of this media world with the technology moving and they are getting more power? >> a sign of the times. you look at the level of partisanship and the media that exists, this is again, i can't emphasize enough, we are living in unprecedented times. the productivity is really bad. the potential good news is they can pass a lot of this stuff next year. the congress doesn't end until 2014. we will see what they do next year. >> it's harder in an election year and with all the upgrades we had, it brought congress to a screeching halt. too many people had too many things for all sorts of stuff. fascinating. much more ahead here on "the daily rundown." we are on the scene as fast food workers protested in more than
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100 cities demanding a wage hike. new do you means allege toronto mayor rob ford went to the buffalo bills mayor and may have tried to buy the video of himself smoking crack cocaine before it could become public. the latest leak from edward snowden said they are gathering billions of cell phone roars every day. that's coming up in the data bank. first a lock at the politics planner. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. chris matthews playing "hardball" with president obama. you don't want to miss it. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cash card from capital one, i get 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally someone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards!
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time for the daily data bank. changing the way you think about your cell phone. first we start with this number. 1856 is the number of days remaining in senator elizabeth warren's term and she said she'll serve every single one of them. >> i am not running for president and i plan to serve out my term. >> senator warren trying to end speculation about a bid for president, but as "the washington post" points out, president obama also pledged to serve his term before he ran for the white house in 2008. up next, five billion. that's the number of cell phone records the national security agency is reportedly collecting every day. that's five billion per day with a b. top secret do you means leaked
6:19 am
by edward snowden reportedly show that they contract individuals and map their relationships. the agency said they collect data incidentally and not deliberately. next number, $5,000, actually it's $5,000 and a car is the amount rob ford reportedly offered a drug dealer in exchange for a potentially incriminating video that showed the mayor smoke smoking crack. the dealer refused to sell the video and wanted to hold on to the insurance policy. three is the number of times dennis rodman will have traveled to north korea. he announced he planned to go back on december 18th. he is training the north korean basketball team for a match. we say game in america. a game in january. rodman developed a close friendship with the dictator kim jung un. 28 inches is how much snow has
6:20 am
been dropped in the last 24 hours in part parts of the midwest. two harbors. minnesota got slammed. that's a town there. schools are closed and roads are impassible. forecasters are expecting more snow and ice storms in the upper midwest. be safe out there and fly over country. up next, a deep dive into the minds of millennials. what the 20 something young invincibles are saying about the president and the affordable care act and whether washington is working for them. as of yesterday, members of congress are now allowed to say merry christmas in their mail and e-mail to constituents. when was the last time that was legal? the first person to tweet the correct answer at daily run down will get an on air shout out. the answer and more coming up on "the daily rundown." if i can impart one lesson to a
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today we are taking a deep dive into the minds of millennials. the 18 to 29-year-olds who are critical to the health care law's success. the white house stepped up sales job to the young invincibles and desperately need to enroll to make them work. >> i am not allowed for security reasons to have an iphone. i don't know what your bills are. my suspicion is that for a lot of you between your cable bill and phone bill, you are spending more than $100 a month. >> how many young people have cable these days? according to a survey by the harvard institute of politics, it won't be an easy sell. 79% of the people approved of the healing care law and 59% disapprove. the late october "wall street journal" poll found young people more positive about the law than
6:25 am
any other age group. that's not saying much. in our polling, just 37% of the 18 to 34 said the law was a good idea. 44% said the institute of politics expected quality of care would get worse under the law. they will increase their health care cost and the worst news for the white house among 18 to 29-year-olds currently without health insurance, just 8% said they definitely plan to enroll in the health care exchanges. 12% said they will probably enroll and a whopping 47%, that number again, said they are unlikely to enroll. for the last 13 years, harvard's institute of politics conducted the survey of attitudes fors politics. this year they found record disappointment in government and leaders. fewer than in five young americans believe that the country is headed in the right direction. the president's approval rating is just 41%, down 11 points from
6:26 am
a year ago. overall millennials like the public at large say throw the bums out. 45% say they would oust their member of congress. 52% want all members to go and if it were possible, 47% say they would recall president obama. i'm joined by the director of harvard institute of politics. the secretary of state trey gray and senator mo cowen who is a fellow at the institute of politics. thank you very much for coming on the program. >> thanks for having us, luke. >> i would like to start off the bat. health care signature domestic achievement for president obama and so many democrats. you are closely associated with them and the views on this law are terrible. 56% disapprove of this generation as they mentioned before. only 8% will definitely enroll.
6:27 am
those are the folks who are needed to support the older folks who are sicker. what does it mean for your democratic party in. >> it means that the administration and democrats in the congress and those of us outside of the congress and on the streets who believe in the law and the merits of the affordable care act and what it will do in terms of access, we have a lot of work to do to talk about the good that is in this bill and to dispel the misinformation that remains in the mainstream market place about the law. the poll indicates attention need to be pate with the millennials and we don't get enough young people signed up for the affordable care act, it throws off the science. we have a problem. there is work to be done in spreading the news about the law. in terms of what we saw in 2
6:28 am
th -- 2009 to 2013 and for the party id and it was 42%. 31-25, you have this general cynicism about politics within that younger set. which party benefits more from that and on top of that, do you think republicans can get the voters if they have these problems with younger voters regarding gay rights and immigrant rights? >> you are right. there is the split developing between the younger half of that generation who were less impacted probably by president bush and more by president obama and the struggles with the economy and everything else. if you look at the polling, it shows a drop in support for democrats and the republicans have not been able to seize control of this. especially gay marriage and
6:29 am
marriage equality. that is supported by the generation and for the republicans to take advantage of the opportunity that has been handed them, they will have to handle that really well. most on college campuses, you see here most of the republicans are much more supportive of the issue. it's not a threshold issue. it's critically important otherwise a wasted opportunity to seize support from folks who are looking for other opportunities to support different leaders. >> one thing that the president's reelection campaign benefitted from was turn out specifically about african-americans. they have the turn out machine for 2014. in terms of what will vote in 2013, whites 36%. hispanics 28%. african-americans 27% is down a lot from november of 2009.
6:30 am
what do democrats have to do? can they rely on the get out the vote effort or do they have to knock on more doors and have a huge get out the vote effort? are they in trouble? >> both parties are going to have to do a lot of work for 2014 and 2016. in terms of rebuilding the trust and the faith and everywhere's feelings about the government. democrats have work to do and they troo have a tried and true method of getting it done. making the case for the proper role of government and particularly in helping those who can't help themselves. that message resonates. the poll results we are speaking about today speak to a general dissatisfaction across the generation and government for both parties. i think both parties need to heed the warnings that are reflected there. even with hispanics from the november 2012 elections and looking at november 2014, there
6:31 am
is an expectation of a 3% up tick. that's important. that speaks to the power issues around immigration and economics and others that the community care about. both the democrats and republicans need to pay close attention to that. there is a comprehensive bill spending in the congress right now that needs to be attended to and passed and we need to move forward. those are the issues that they care about. if the parties ignore that, they will do so to their detriment. >> i top the go to the issue of student debt. that is something that not unexpectedly is viewed as a huge problem. you have 57% say it's a major problem and 22% say a minor problem. that's something that democrats have really tried to pounce on and move and make it one of the signature issues. either the president is slipping a lot about it. michelle obama said there was a
6:32 am
new resource for counsellors and mentors. what can republicans do to grab that issue and try to make it part of their own? >> whether it's this issue or education more broadly or health care, i'm a republican and we have to speak to that issue and address student concerns. we will have different solutions than the democrats. one of the things that president obama and the democrats have done is talking about the issues that matter to them. i think that's something we need to do. you don't think a lot about the solutions. the president talked a lot about it. identifying solutions and talking about them. it's pretty important for the party if we are going to try to address one of the top concerns of the generation. >> i will get you out of here with this one. one of the things i found interesting is despite the president's approval rating, harry reid and john boehner have larger disapproval ratings. harry reid at 59% and john
6:33 am
boehner at 75%. the president 54. senator, to you and mr. grayson after that. is it fair to say that this age group is very much dis disenfranchised with the market? >> i think so absolutely. the numbers reflect general dissatisfaction with the way government is working right now or at least in the eyes of this generation. not working and looking for alternatives. it's not to say that the people who are currently in office can't be that alternative, but they have to speak to the issues and speak to the voters in this generation and skplichb learn from them and address their concerns. they need to take a queue from pope francis and perhaps the official garments and go out and walk among the people and listen and learn and deal with them on their own terms. >> we saw that in the republican
6:34 am
party. is that where it's moving to get people disenfranchised? >> there is a libertarian strand and you see it throughout this generation. you have to talk to these. they are up for grabs. you have a general dissatisfaction for leadership. they have shown when you talk to them and engage and inspire them, they will vote and volunteer and whoever does a better job will have more political success on election day. >> we appreciate it. thank you so much. take care. up next, wage wars. just one day after president obama called the growing gap between the rich and the poor one of the defining challenges of our time. fast food workers and more than 100 cities are walking off the jobs demanding a wage hike. we are live next and don't miss tonight, chris matthews's interview with the president. 7:00 p.m. here on msnbc. going to be a great one. [woman]ask me...
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fast food workers in 100 cities are expected to walk off the job in protest for higher wages. minimum wageworkers in chicago statemented a walk out in the early shift this morning. they are loosely organized and not represented by a union. most are asking to raise the minimum wage. they appeared to have the president on their side. the line about a raise for low wageworke wageworkers. >> we know there airport and fast food workers and nurse assistants and retail sales people who work their tails off and are still living at or barely above poverty. and that's the minimum wage that real terms is below where it was
6:39 am
when harry trueman was in office. >> the bureau of labor statistics reports the average minimum wageworkers make 18,000 $ a year. that's only if they make more than the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour. democrats are coming together as a way to win over voters. the average fast food worker is not a teenager. in fact, the median age for minimum age workers is 28. 66% are women over 32. nbc joins us live from brooklyn where workers are planning a walk out during the lunch rush. what's the latest there and give me the pulse of what's walking by. most people are supportive of this. >> people around here are supportive of this on the whole. there is a lot of debate in general about how it will affect the economy. on the one hand you have fast food workers walking out across the country out of this wendy's
6:40 am
here at 11:30 saying they need a raise in their minimum wage to $15 an hour from 7.25. if they were making 7.25 $ and working full time, that is about $15,000 a year. here in new york minimum wage is $8.90, but they are not able to get the full time work. they are capping out at about 35 hours a week. they say $15 is a living wage for them. you have the corporations. that's a non-starter. they will never get a raise like that. it will get passed down to the consumer in terms of higher prices for food. there no hard estimates, but some say the price of a duringer could go from $3 to $3.50. labor economists say that is not that big of a deal for a hamburger. they will pay less for welfare
6:41 am
and fast food workers use about $7 billion in welfare and say ultimately if they are making more money, they won't need as much and you will not pay into that system. luke? >> live from brooklyn, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. take care. i am joined by the thursday gaggle. the senior washington correspondent and democratic consultant and director of the congressional black caucus and pollster kristin anderson. thank you very much for joining me. i want to play a clip of what he said about this issue. >> i learned the value of a dollar. every time they decide about the minimum wage, you will take the group of youth and prevent them from getting an opportunity. employers will say if it's going to cost more for labor, i will hire less people. >> where do you stand on that? do you feel this disenfrance
6:42 am
chized youth by hiring less people? >> i think my reaction was the right one. it hardly passes the lap test. if you have a demand for services and a demand for goods, there going to be i need for hires. this is not about people wanting more money, but making a living. there communities regardless of race and age or gender that say hey, i want to be able to work hard and see it pay off. they don't see where hard work pays off. what do you expect? >> is this a tough issue for republicans? is it from the folks days and do they risk looking like grinches and do they say hey, we can't do this? it will hurt businesses and they have an interesting line. it will hurt young people's ability to work. this is a thorny issue, is it not? >> in a way, but who was
6:43 am
president when it was signed into law? president bush. you need to have tax cuts for small businesses embedded in the law to get it through because there going to be businesses that if these cuts are not included are going to switch to not hiring the folks. if you walk into cvs, you can go to the check outline and go to the computer and enter your order. automation and technology is offering a lot of employers the opportunity to say it made sense to hire someone, but at $15 an hour, i will switch to someone else. the real threat that many jobs at a certain price point is not worth hiring a person to do them. >> this strikes me as one of the issues where democrats could benefit electorally, but it's dead-on arrival with the house of representatives in whatever shape it takes in 2014. >> truly look at obama saying this is a major initiative in his second term.
6:44 am
we are up there and we can't agree on commonalities. much less trying to push this forward. the interesting thing i think is it follows what is happening at the state level. the united states and others are doing their state initiatives. whether or not the federal will raise up to $15. you have california saying they will be $10 an hour in two years. >> right. here in d.c. they voted to get it $11.80 an hour. the two americas, red and blue plays out. the gaggle is not going anywhere. our gaggle will be here for a while and a developing story out of benghazi after the break. first, the white house soup of the day. el paso chicken and rice. we'll be right back. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online
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latest on a developing story and former principal of the international school told nbc an american citizen teaching in benghazi has been killed. quoting hospital and security official, the associated press reports the teacher born in texas taught chemistry and was shot while jogging near the consulate. she was taken to the medical center and died of wounds. no one claimed responsibility for the attack. we will bring you more as we get it. let's move over to trivia. we asked you earlier when 1973 was the last time congress could legally say merry christmas or any holiday greeting in the mail. yesterday they relaxed that rule. that was 40 years ago. congratulations to today's winner. josh, you know a lot about congress.
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send your trivia suggestions to daily run we'll be right back with more of the thursday gaggle. look at the 30 rock tree. wonderful special last night on nbc. bring the kids. bring the family. ♪ hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half. that's not half! guys, i have more. thanks, mom. [ female announcer ] do you have enough pillsbury crescents? for all those who sleep too hot or too cool,
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we've got some more breaking news for you. former nypd commissioner and nbc news contributor, bill brattin will return to his old job. nbc news has confirmed that brattin will be appointed by new york mayor bill de blasio. at a press conference this morning brattin served as commissioner under mayor giuliani in the 1990s and headed the largest police force and a very important job so we'll keep an eye on that as the morning progresses. let's bring back our thursday gaggle ana palmer, angela rye
6:53 am
and kristin soltis. angela, we want to talk about an issue that came out in politico today how they're being couns counsell counselled, and something that's very difficult and in the last go around and todd aikens and what are they being counciled to do? >> there are at least ten incumbent republicans that will get faced with challengers. >> i think the republicans will try to get ahead of it this time where it will royal the entire races across the nation so they're saying, this is how you should talk to women and have women's forms in terms of women's issues and things like that. >> kristin, you're a republican and have a woman. you need to avoid the social, of that magnitude which i assume a 40-foot pole and talk about family values and talk about fiscally conservative economic issues. >> i think you to talk about why the ideas you have for the
6:54 am
country will make someone better. folks on our side, i'm encouraged by the idea that we're training our candidates and being better candidates. where a male candidate is running against a female candidate. it's not just a republican problem and you have a problem in new hampshire. she's a rising star in the gop and running for congress. just recently you had a state democratic representative who came out and compared her to kim kardashian. hillary, you're likable enough and you walked into the tricky dynamics of when male candidates run against female candidates and i'm excited about anything that's training our candidates. >> where democrats have had huge advantage against unmarried women and that's the fire wall the democrats have and that's a tough one to break for the gop. >> i think it's tough, and this is not just a messaging issue and this is about core beliefs, values and thoughts and the fact that there are only 19 of the 231 members of the house that
6:55 am
are women is a major problem and it's not just about messaging and what you're saying. it's about what's in the heart. it talks about out of the abundance of the heart, there in lies the problem. >> you talked about the institute of harvard, the student group that runs it. >> shameless proud of the cbc institute because i'm a board member. >> congratulations. >> women rule event, check it out. it's co-sponsored by tory bunch. >> i thought there are gifts throughout. >> get a little swag. >> andre williams and heisman contender, heisman, he's getting invited to new york. tomorrow on the show, chuck will be back with an in-depth look at what voters in the swing state of ohio are saying about health
6:56 am
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7:00 am
late to act? and president obama's message of hope and change convinced young people to support him more than any other democratic candidate in 30 years, but a new poll shows they may be slipping away. we'll dig into what's going on and how important millennials are to both obama care and the obama presidency. good morning. i'm chris jansing, and this morning we're looking at what the president calls the defining challenge of our time, income and equality. he's got a lot of statistics to back him up, but consider just this one. between 1978 and 2011 worker compensation has gone up by 5.7%, on average, for most of us, for a ceo, they've gotten a 725% raise. fast food workers say they are living examples of the effect of income and equality. today thousands of them are walking off the job in more than a hundred cities off the country demanding to be paid $15 an hour. >> i actually work two


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